The Icelandair Travel Fund for Special Children is a combined effort by Icelandair and it's passengers to help chronically ill and disadvantaged children realise their dream journeys.

The main objective of the Icelandair Special Children Travel fund is to help children suffering from long-term illness or other difficult circumstances to see something of the world. We estimate each year the Icelandair Travel Fund will enable 200 people every year, from all over the world, to go on their "dream journey".Said Sigurdur Helgason, former President and CEO of Icelandair: "Whether it is Disney World Florida or the Tivoli in Copenhagen these trips give families memories that are cherished. 

This Fund gives us at Icelandair and our customers a chance to make a difference in these children's lives. It is important that the whole family is able to travel together and that all expences are covered by the Icelandair Travel Fund."


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Learn more about The Special Children Travel Fund

All information regarding the Special Children Fund is to be found on the Special Children Travel Fund Homepage. Where you can also find interesting travel stories from special children's dream journeys.