Billund Airport

Airport code: BLL

Billund Airport is located 1.9 km; 1.2 mi northeast of Billund, Denmark. The proximity of the airport to the Legoland theme park in Billund arguably makes it easier for the airport to attract passengers, and to lure more airlines into operating to the airport. However, the majority of the passengers live in western Denmark, and this is their main airport for international travel.

Airport information

Terminal: Main terminal (only one terminal at the airport)
Handling Agent: Billund Airport
Check-in time: 2 hours before departure. Check-in closes 40 minutes before departure for passengers with bags.

Self Service check in desks situated throughout the terminal.


Billund Airport


King Amlet Lounge, on airside after security take elevator to 1st floor, lounge on the right. Open from 05:15 - 18:00.