Bergen Airport, Flesland

Airport code: BGO

The Flesland airport is the second largest airport in Norway. The airport was completed in 1955 and has a runway that is 2,999 meters. A new terminal was opened in 1988 and a new tower in 1991.

Approximately 3.8 million passengers, travelling with 16 airlines, pass through the airport annually. There are flights to various destinations in the USA, Canada and Europe.

The decision has been made to spend approximately NOK 461 million on improvements to the airport, including an enlargement of the international terminal

Airport information

Terminal 1
Handling agent: SGS (SAS Ground Services)
Check-in time: 2 hours before departure. Check-in closes 35 minutes before departure for passengers with bags.


Bergen Airport, Flesland
Bergen Airport, Flesland, P.O.Box 34, Flesland, N-5869 Bergen


No lounge available.